Fyonna Salazar, boomerang employee, featured by Built In

Pregnant Salazar posing with co-workers for work baby shower

After the Great Resignation and market tumult, boomerang employees — those who leave a company then come back after a period of time — have become a stronger source of talent in the past few years.

Built In Chicago recently featured a boomerang employee from tms in their article, “The Boomerang Effect: What Pulled 3 Team Members Back To Former Employers.” Fyonna Salazar started working at tms in 2017 as a retail strategist for McDonald’s North America but left in 2021 in hopes of personal and professional growth. Salazar soon realized the “amazing people and irreplaceable company culture” at tms are difficult to find anywhere else.

“While I left in hopes of personal and professional growth, I quickly learned that my success has more to do with the makeup of my team rather than the strength of myself individually,” explained Salazar, who re-joined tms as a director of strategy after eight months elsewhere.

“It became clear to me after leaving tms that this warm and engaging culture was not only extremely rare but an essential component of my success.”

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Fyonna Salazar, Director of Strategy

Fyonna is a bilingual first-generation marketing professional who specializes in business development strategies and consumer-facing communications. Her expertise lies in integrated marketing initiatives with a focus on go-to-market strategies, consumer insights and overall brand innovation. Her work is driven by consumer behavior analysis and decision science, resulting in strategic implications that better connect brands with their target audiences.

When she is not studying consumer behavior, Fyonna enjoys staying active at the gym, taking classes (spin class, cooking class, painting class — you name it!) and most of all she treasures spending quality time with her family, which includes watching her newborn baby grow and learn new things.

Fyonna Salazar headshot