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tms panel members

In partnership with McDonald’s, tms (formerly The Marketing Store) hosted a panel Advertising Week 2020 that couldn’t be any timelier: “Rapidly Redefining the Retail Experience: Lessons from a Pandemic.”

Matt Cahill, Senior Director of Consumer Insights at McDonald’s spoke candidly with Angela Faler Boersma, Director of Engagement at tms (formerly The Marketing Store), and Fyonna Salazar, Associate Director Strategy at tms (formerly The Marketing Store), about rising above the pandemic panic to deliver safe, reliable and convenient solutions for customers.

When Salazar asked how his team responded to the pandemic, Cahill said, “Adaptability was key. There was so much uncertainty … You saw this sense of almost ‘pandemic panic’ set in … As we started to learn, we realized the next question was ‘How did we want to react?’”

Watch the panel recording below to learn more about how Cahill, Salazar, and Boermsa did react.

But it didn’t stop there. Now more than ever we know it’s key to think ahead as the world figures out new ways to live, work and consume in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Vanessa Kentris Smith, Managing Director of tms (formerly The Marketing Store), discussed just that — the “Future of Marketing”— with other leading industry executives representing different areas of marketing: agency, brand, platform and network. The stacked roundtable featured speakers from Microsoft, Snap, Genus AI and Seventh Generation.

On the topic, Smith said, “If 2020 has taught us nothing else, it’s that speed, agility and empowerment are of the utmost importance … The days of long processes of approvals and top-down marketing have shifted. And it’s about the empowerment of a smart, strategic, culturally relevant team to respond to things that people care about.”

Watch the Future of Marketing roundtable below if you missed it live.

Lastly, Ryan Hedges, tms’s (formerly The Marketing Store) Vice President of Strategy & Experience, spoke to what lies ahead in an interview with comedian Bridget McManus. From changing consumer patterns to post-Covid loyalty, “Looking Ahead: 2021 Trends and Insights” unpacks a ton in just 10 minutes.

Check out his interview below.