Employee spotlight: Raven Childs

Raven Childs

As Office Manager of tms North America, Raven makes sure all teams are set up for success. A natural at forming relationships and making connections, she defines being people-first and is the heart of the agency. Currently, she is focused on managing our Work-From-Anywhere set up and will be instrumental in our return to downtown Chicago when it’s safe to do so.

What are your pronouns? 

What type of work experiences did you have prior to joining tms? 
Before I started at tms, I was finishing school and trying to decide if I wanted to go directly into teaching or do something else. My degree is in Education, so that would have been the obvious thing to do, but I saw an ad for tms and decided to apply. Almost 16 years later … I’m still here and loving it!

What’s in your headphones currently?
I’m currently still listening to my Top Songs 2020 playlist — I just can’t stop, it was so good! I’m also listening to the podcast Small Doses with Amanda Seales.

Describe tms in one word. 

During your time at tms, what work are you most proud of?
I’ve been involved in many projects at tms, but I have to say the work I’m most proud of is managing our people and workplace migrations.

The agency has had a lot of transitions as it has grown and evolved. Throughout it all, I managed to foster key relationships with vendors and navigated planning and re-planning (and sometimes re-planning again) with our leadership team. It was all worth it when the day finally arrived that I got to see our people’s smiling and stress-free faces knowing they were set up to thrive.

What would the title of your autobiography be?

Which person (dead or alive) would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with and why?
I would enjoy being stuck in an elevator with John Legend. His music holds a special place in my heart, as it brought my husband and I together 16 years ago and was a major part of our wedding in 2018. Although he is an entertainer, John seems so down to earth and just a laid-back, easy-going person who would be fun to be around!

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve been given?
Don’t conform to societal norms of who you’re expected to be or supposed to be. Be who you are, and people will love you!

What’s your current side hustle?
My side hustle is forming connections, even against the odds.

2020 was a very tough year with the pandemic, home schooling and social injustices happening everywhere. When someone from tms reached out to me to see how I was coping, I was so moved that I decided to pay it forward.

Ever since, I’ve made it my mission to check up on people, letting them know I am here for support and want to connect. Mental wellbeing is so important, especially during this difficult season — I want to make sure my friends, family, and coworkers know I am here to listen.


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