Employee spotlight: Megan Luckett

Megan Luckett

When Megan Luckett — Associate Art Director for tms’s boutique design agency Boxer Brand Design — isn’t working on Happy Meal packaging, you can find her listening to Greta Van Fleet or capturing snapshots of the world around her. Meet Megan and get to know her below…

What are your pronouns?

What type of work experiences did you have prior to joining tms?
This was actually my first job out of college (shoutout to the intern class of 2018), but before that I did freelance photography and design, as well as worked part time at Lou Malnati’s. Actually, in high school I worked at a mom + pop pizza joint too, which I guess makes me “The Pizza Girl.” Lou’s > Giordano’s forever.

What’s in your headphones currently?
I have an obsession with true crime podcasts, so I’ve been bingeing Serial lately, but I love My Favorite Murder + Last Podcast On The Left too. And not to brag, but I made it into the top 1% of Greta Van Fleet’s Spotify listeners this year — that was a huge accomplishment.

Describe tms in one word.
Full of heart. (I know that’s not one word, but I am choosing to be a rule-breaker.)

During your time at tms, what work are you most proud of?
That’s a hard one, considering I’ve been here since I was an intern. I’m probably most proud of how much I’ve learned taking over the Happy Meal toy photography from the master himself, Joe Kwon. I never thought I’d get to use photography in my full-time job, so I feel real lucky!

I’m also proud of the innovative programs we create with the Happy Meal POP team. We get to bring the Happy Meal brand to life with Disney magic, and it’s a really great feeling to roll up to McDonald’s with my little cousins and say, “Hey, I made that!”

What would the title of your autobiography be? 
It would probably be called “Everything’s Fine” but in like an ironic, self-aware “the essence of life is chaos” way. Maybe that’ll be the subhead…

Which person (dead or alive) would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with and why?
Miss Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

I feel like this answer changes by the day, but is most consistently Rihanna. She’s an absolute visionary. I have never disliked a single thing she’s put into the world (not even Shut Up and Drive), and I think her status as a global, interdisciplinary creative is so impressive. I’d love to ask her about what drives much of her work, how she connects with her most genuine creative self, and of course if she’s dropping new music any time soon. One can only sing “Take A Bow” at karaoke so many times.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve been given? 
“Slow down and take it all in.”

It sounds weird considering the fast pace of our work, but when I first started here I had trouble accepting how much I had to learn. After 15 years of school, I was accustomed to that version of templated progress. I felt like a failure if I wasn’t absolutely acing everything, which as a new creative is practically never the case. My awesome boss, Diana Samper, reminded me that a career is a marathon, not a sprint, and to just soak up this time learning from the people around me. That changed everything for me.

What’s your current side hustle? 
Photography! I’m absolutely addicted to capturing the world around me, especially people. I do lots of portraits of friends, family, and clients alike, and I love trying to capture the essence of a person as I see them, reflecting that back to them through my photos.

I love street photography for the same reason, because it allows me to quite literally take a slice of life as it’s happening. To quote one of my previously mentioned faves (Greta Van Fleet), “I have seen pictures of time, frames still in motion I find.” I feel very fortunate to get to have that experience.

I’m always open to new projects, so if you want to collaborate, feel free to reach out to @meganluckettphotography.