Employee spotlight: Evan Dodson

Evan Dodson

Evan Dodson, Senior Account Executive, loves traveling, his Bernedoodle “Knox,” and connecting with colleagues outside of virtual work. He completed his undergrad studies at the University of Missouri and has been on a tms account management journey since 2019. Originally from a tiny town in Missouri called Hale, with only 400 residents and a total area of 0.55 square miles. Growing up, Evan wanted to be a veterinarian, which is fitting for such a proud dog dad An aspiring globe trotter, he plans to visit all six continents.

Evan has worked across several tms clients and now sits on our McDonald’s US Promotions and Activations Team.

“Evan is an absolute pleasure to work with. I am impressed on a daily basis with his work ethic and attention to detail. Consistency is one of his biggest strengths! If you work or have worked with Evan, you know how great of a team member he is and the positive impact he brings to work. He always shows up for you and goes above and beyond. I’ve been lucky to witness his growth over the past few years and cannot wait to see what he does next. The future is mighty bright for him!” said Alexis Osborne, Account Supervisor at tms.

Get to know Evan and learn about his favorite Chicago summer activity, future travel destinations, and his hidden talent…

During your time at tms, what project are you most proud of? 

The SZN of Sharing campaign that launched this past December. It’s a perfect example of our team taking learnings from previous programs and applying those learning to launch a very successful program. The program offered participating customers exclusive access to purchase merch, daily deals/offers in the McDonald’s App and even a chance to win McDonald’s for Life. It was a challenging program from the moment we read the brief until launch, but this program shows the thoughtful, strategic, and dedicated work this agency brings to the table.

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to so far?

Honduras! It has been a few years, but it’s super pretty and we went ziplining. It is so beautiful but also very hot, and very humid. It’s a fantastic place to explore culture; little monkeys were everywhere. So much fun!

Favorite Chicago neighborhood to explore?

West Loop/Fulton Market for sure. There’s so many great stores, bars, restaurants, and things to do in the neighborhood. I’ve been enjoying spending more time in that area now that our new office is open at 345 N Morgan.

What do you do that’s “Chicago” in the summer?

I usually try to play volleyball or some sport with a team. I’m planning my summer activities early this year.

What’s the best career advice you’ve received? 

– Be accountable for your team, company, and clients

– Put in the extra effort now to see the results later

– Stay passionate about what you do and your work

If money was no object, what would you do as a career?

Become a content creator to get my dog internet famous (I haven’t tried, but I think he has the personality and potential to become at least TikTok famous).

What is your hidden talent?

I can fold a fitted sheet…and do it well.

Do people in Missouri have an accent? 

Some do. I’m from the northern part, so I do not, but when I go back to visit family, I hear it a lot more. So I would describe it as Midwest but also a little southern.

What are you passionate about? 

Health, both physical health and mental health. I have started focusing on what I am putting in my body and taking time to focus on my mental health and self-care.

What’s on your headphones currently? 

My favorite murder podcast (or anything similar). Also, any podcasts focused on health/well-being and motivation.

What is your favorite quote? 

“Always remember: Life is for enjoying.” – Abraham Lincoln

What are you currently binge-watching? Favorite streaming service?

The Morning Show is one of my favorite TV shows recently, but I’m also down to watch The Office any time. My favorite Streaming service (lately) is Apple TV+.