Employee spotlight: Chantal Page


Chantal Page is a Strategy Director for the McDonald’s Happy Meal and Family Program. She completed her undergrad degree at Texas Tech University and received her Master’s in Integrated Marketing and Communications from Roosevelt University. A four-year tms employee, Chantal recently relocated back to her home state of Texas after years of working and living in Chicago during the pandemic. Before the move, she was involved with the Boys & Girls Club in West Garfield Park and tutored students in the “Off the Street Club.”

The youngest of three and the only daughter in her family, she is a prominent advocate of women’s rights, especially in helping to create spaces where black women are “seen,” “heard,” and allowed to “grow” in all areas of life. Since moving home to Dallas, she has rekindled friendships, discovered the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe (find it here), and spent more time with her extended family.

“I love working with Chantal because she is an unbelievable strategy counterpart that has a hybrid skillset that spans across departments (client services, creative, etc.). She is a true business partner to our clients and a compassionate and collaborative agency partner to our internal teams,” said Libby Markovits, Senior Director of Engagement at tms.

Get to know Chantal in our latest employee spotlight, where she shares her role in the strategic development and customer research for Happy Meal, her love of Beyonce and Jay Z, and more…

How would you describe the “tms culture” to a potential employee? 

The tms culture has an entrepreneurial spirit. We are lucky enough to touch so many parts of the McDonald’s business that no matter your interest or passion area, I think you have the space to apply your expertise to drive the business.

What’s the best career advice you’ve received?  

I always have three work mantras floating in my head.

(1) Whenever I need a reminder that the work isn’t in vain: “Opportunity finds you working.” – Myleik Teele

(2) Whenever I need a reminder to make about how the value of connections: “We tend to network up when we really should be networking across.” – Issa Rae

(3) Whenever Imposter syndrome sneaks up: “I belong everywhere.” – Myleik Teele

During your time at tms, what work or project are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my team’s work this year on Happy Meal. Kids and families today are very different from past generations; we have identified a clear target audience and have worked hard (and fast) to learn everything we can about them to ensure that everything we do connects with them.

What is or was your favorite project while working at tms?  

My favorite projects I’ve worked on while at tms have been the Travis Scott Meal and last year’s Happy Meal Halloween Pails. It’s always fun seeing culture react to your work.

What’s in your headphones currently?  

According to Apple Music, my 2022 replay included a lot of Jazmine Sullivan, Beyonce, and Yo Gotti

Are you Marvel or DC fan? What’s your favorite character?

Marvel and Black Panther

What is “trending” in your world? 

Honestly, whatever is trending on TikTok and Black Twitter.

Favorite social listening platform for work and why? 

Hands down, Twitter. I love how the platform seamlessly weaves timely cultural, political, and entertaining commentary.

What person would you most want to be stuck in an elevator with and why?  

My late grandfather. Another conversation with him would be invaluable. When I was younger, he told me I should work in Public Relations because I am a good listener. I think he would get a kick out of what my grown-up job turned out to be.

Favorite Quote

“Even Grass Grows” – Shawn Carter

Chantal with friend Chantal with friend


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May 15, 2024
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