Dressed to impress: tms helps source more sustainable uniforms for McDonald’s US

4 McDonald's employees in the new uniforms

As part of McDonald’s pledge to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, they empower their partners and suppliers to innovate by exploring renewable energy, advancing the circular economy, and switching to more sustainable packaging and product options. tms took this challenge to heart, and our team worked with uniform partner, Way To Be, to find a more sustainable way to dress crew members in the United States every day, ultimately landing on designs made with CiCLO® technology.  

tms worked with its supplier partners to produce a brand-new crew uniform that’s designed to prevent millions of pounds of microplastic from polluting the air, sea, and soil in our communities. Bonus points: they look great and are comfortable too! 

Due to the textile, fashion, and uniform industries use of synthetic materials — namely plastic in the form of polyester — McDonald’s wanted to find alternative materials that were just as durable yet more environmentally sustainable. tms chose to source CiCLO® technology because it is a patented textile ingredient designed to mitigate fugitive synthetic microfiber pollution, one of the most prevalent forms of microplastic pollution in aquatic, atmospheric, and terrestrial environments around the globe. CiCLO® technology allows synthetic fibers to biodegrade at a rate similar to natural materials like wool, making it an effective circular solution that leaves behind nothing but natural elements.

.CiCLO technology was first introduced to tms from category supplier Way To Be in partnership with Intrinsic Advanced Materials.  Starting with McDonald’s iconic apron, the team completed product development, in-restaurant wear tests and research within select McDonald’s restaurants.  Successful results led to the systemwide introduction of the apron, as well as making additional uniform products with CiCLO technology available including graphic crewshirts and denim jeans.  


After years of research and development, we are very proud of our suppliers’ focus and partnership as we successfully launch the uniform category’s first sustainable initiative for our shared client McDonald’s.

Betty Vitek
Senior Category Manager of Uniforms at tms

tms oversees the design and materials sourced to produce the uniforms manufactured by supplier partners Way To Be and Affinity (a Mi Hub Brand). This project is an example of the Better Future Blueprint in action, our framework which inspires us to join initiatives that create a better future for people, communities, and the planet. By offering solutions to our clients, we provide global powerhouses like McDonald’s with cutting-edge technology, creating a more sustainable future while simultaneously aligning with our own Corporate Social Responsibility values.  

Read more about McDonald’s new crew uniforms with CiCLO® technology on McDonald’s Newsroom. Learn more about tms’ sourcing operations and the Better Future Blueprint on our website.