‘Do I need a strategist on this?’ Tania Wendt shares why you do with LBB

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tms SVP of Engagement and Strategy Tania Wendt was featured alongside other leading strategy experts in Little Black Book’s (LBB) latest spotlight, “Strategists Unleashed: Hot Takes on Strategy’s Biggest Debates.”

In the article, the strategists delve into current debates and tensions in the industry, from the best approach to strategy to collaborating with creatives, targeting Gen Z, and more.

Tania focuses on the importance of having a strategist in the room from the very start of a project instead of retrofitting the strategy later.

Read the full round up on LBB’s website.

It is rooted in the question that gets asked at the beginning: ‘Do I need a strategist on this?’ Spoiler alert…The answer is always yes. And anyone that has received top notch strategy work won’t argue that. However, the solve for the problem isn’t in the answer, but in the question itself. As an industry, we need to go from a very transactional, limited ‘Do I need?’ to ‘How should my strategist show up in this instance? In this assignment/project/discussion/work?

Tania Wendt
SVP, Engagement and Strategy

Tania Wendt

Tania has spent 20 years developing business-driving customer engagements and effective strategic disciplines that benefit consumers and brands. She creates unique solutions informed by best-in-class principles and inspired by innovation. Tania uses the same mentality —science plus art — to cultivate diverse agency talent with a respect for analytics and its translation into insights. 

When she’s not busy motivating customer behavior or fostering the marketing leaders of tomorrow, Tania enjoys the simple things, like having a good glass of wine, creating something masterful with whatever is in the fridge, or delighting in the wonder of the world through the eyes of her two children.

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