‘Decide Your Deal’ is back at McDonald’s!

Decide Your Deal logo

The ‘Decide Your Deal’ campaign makes a return on the McDonald’s app this week! tms (formerly The Marketing Store) first launched ‘Decide Your Deal’ in July 2021, and after a successful campaign, have brought it back. We’ve kept the popular mechanic the same and refreshed the designs to bring it in line with the McDonald’s app re-brand, as well as adding new deals for customers to vote between.

Running from the 3rd to the 10th of July, UK customers can vote in the McDonald’s app for their favorite of two exciting deals — like a 99p Big Mac®  vs 99p Quarter Pounder® with Cheese. The following day, the winning deal will be the offer that customers can redeem that day from 11 am. There is a new vote each day, so in total there will be 7 different offers throughout the campaign. The aim is  to drive downloads and engagement within the McDonald’s app, by putting the power in customers’ hands to influence the deals they want.

“Decide Your Deal is a campaign that worked really well for McDonald’s last year, so we knew we needed to keep the simplicity of the mechanic at the core. The creative update and new menu items keep the campaign feeling fresh and exciting. Everyone has their favorite McDonald’s item, so putting the classics up against each other is always going to create conversation – and it’s always interesting to see which way the nation is going to vote each day!” said Gemma Downing, Account Director at tms (formerly The Marketing Store).

Decide your Deal