Congrats to AIA Diploma grads, Kristen Lane, Jasmine Bird and Lindsay Towning

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We’re thrilled to have three recent Diploma graduates among our ranks! Congratulations to Kristen Lane, Jasmine Bird and Lindsay Towning for completing their Integrated Marketing Diploma from the Alliance of Independent Agencies (AIA), which tms is a member of.

The Diploma was taught using a combination of workshops, assignments, evening events, plus a challenging and forward-thinking set brief. They worked on these over the course of 6 months and 12 interactive workshops that showcased case studies from the best creative and strategic work from around the globe.

“It was a great experience to work with others in the industry and to have a broad range of marketing topics covered, particularly those more specific to agency life. I would recommend the course to anyone at TMS who is wanting to develop a greater skill set in a client service role and meet other like-minded people!” said Jasmine Bird, Account Manager.

“The AIA Diploma was a valuable challenge! It allowed me to broaden my understanding across different areas of marketing from strategy to the legals, which was so interesting, as well as helpful for my day to day role. You also meet some awesome people in the industry and overall the workshops are really enjoyable!” says Kristen Lane, Account Manager.

We are very proud of all three graduates, their drive and dedication to complete this program is admirable. tms is lucky to have Lindsay, Kristen and Jasmine as part of the ever-growing team.


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May 15, 2024
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