Celebrating the women of tms for Women’s History Month

Women tms colleagues posing for a photo

March is known as Women’s History Month, a time to honor the achievements, struggles, and contributions of women throughout history and within our own organization. Started in the early 20th century, this global observance holds immense significance, especially in today’s global landscape where diversity, inclusion, and equality are at the forefront of discussions and organizational objectives.  

At tms, we take great pride in creating an equitable and supportive environment where women can be their authentic selves and thrive in the workplace. We strive to uplift the women in our organization to assume leadership roles across the company, including at the highest levels. Our Better Future Blueprint outlines our commitments, including the goal to reach 35% female leadership by 2026. 

Our commitment and dedication to our DE&I goals are also clearly demonstrated in our numerous women and gender-focused Employee Resource Groups, which provide opportunities for community and involvement for women across tms and our parent company, HAVI. This month, the leadership teams of GENIE, wINSPIRE, WISE, and Women in Tech, came together to highlight the importance of bothInternational Women’s Day(IWD)andWomen’s History Month. 

Read below for a recap of this month’s events which celebrated and amplified women’s voices across our organization: 

International Women’s Day Round Table

On March 5, mental health champions from tms London hosted a round table discussion on women’s mental health in honor of International Women’s Day. The session at the London office included a discussion on societal expectations and workplace norms that influence how women express emotions. All employees were welcome to share their perspectives, and the discussion aimed to help everyone learn how to work better with each other while recognizing and validating women’s emotions. 

On March 7, the London office celebrated 50 inspirational women. Employees had the opportunity to learn more about these women and celebrate their accomplishments. 


Image of colleagues attending the london office IWD event sitting down

Trailblazers Interview Series

Over the month of March, GENIE internally published a series of written ‘Trailblazers’ interviews to highlight the HAVI women who have been inspirational to whatever part of the business they are in! Read an excerpt from GENIE’s conversation with Wendy Malmassari, VP of Global Supplier Relationship Management: 

What does International Women’s Day (IWD) mean to you? Do you believe it is still an important acknowledgment?  

For me IWD is a day to recognize all women for their strength and achievements—especially those that have shattered glass ceilings. I believe it remains important today because we are still forging gender equality and diversity of thought. 

What do you think is the biggest issue women face in the workplace and how can we overcome this?  

I believe one of the biggest issues women face in the workplace today is that we are often expected to demonstrate competencies of the next level before being promoted versus being given the opportunity based on our potential and current achievements. We should challenge this and ask why this expectation is different! 


Mighty You – Virtual Workshop with Reeha Alder

The Mighty You – Virtual Workshop took place on March 19, hosted by our ERGs Genie and WISE with guest speaker Reeha Alder, a Global Authenticity coach who strives to create environments that help everyone be their true authentic self. This one-hour session was not only inspiring, but a practical and interactive workshop to help shatter “masks”, find purpose, and be your best self to create a more inclusive workplace.

Poster with an image of speaker Reeha Alder and the text

As I started to unpack my values, I learned that I valued three things: compassion, community, and freedom. I started to connect with why I exist, and as I continued to move through board level roles, I continued to see no one that looked like me. I realized I spent my whole life fighting against the current to be seen, to be valued, to be heard. I promised that I wouldn’t let another person from diverse backgrounds go through what I had to just to be seen and valued. 

Reeha Alder
Accredited Work and Life Coach.

Recognition “Kudos Board”

To spread positivity, appreciation, and empowerment for the women of HAVI, WISE launched a virtual recognition wall. Starting March 8th on International Women’s Day and running through the end of month, they invited everyone to share about a female colleague who inspires them, uplifts others, or simply rocks at what she does.  

McDonald’s International Women’s Day Webcast featuring tms’ Pauline Grandvalet

tms’ very own Pauline Grandvalet, VP Commercial Lead of tms Europe, was a featured speaker during this year’s annual International Women’s Day Webcast hosted by McDonald’s. The digital event featured success stories of women from across McDonald’s network, the global impact of initiatives from various parts of the world on their crew, customers, and community, a futurefocused round table, and more.  

As we commemorate Women’s History Month, take time to celebrate the resilience, strength, and brilliance of the women around you—in your professional life, your personal circle, and in your community. This month and every month, we encourage you to amplify their voices, support their endeavors, and create space for growth and learning.