Celebrating Juneteenth in Chicago and Seattle

A group of people posing in front of the Chicago skyline on a boat

Juneteenth, also known as Juneteenth Independence Day or Freedom Day, is a federal holiday in the U.S. commemorating the end of slavery. Celebrating Juneteenth allows us to recognize the ongoing fight for equity and creates space for open conversations about race within our company. To celebrate African American culture and champion diversity, tms’ BOLD (Black Organization for Leadership & Development) ERGs in Seattle and Chicago hosted local events. 

In Chicago, BOLD held a tour of the Chicago River for its members and their immediate families to give them the chance to recharge, reconnect, and reflect on this holiday. BOLD aims to foster an environment of equality, awareness, and acceptance of cultural diversity, providing support for the personal and professional development of employees of African descent through communication, education, and allyship.  

It’s important that my family and I celebrate Juneteenth as it affords an opportunity to teach an often-forgotten history, as we take a moment to reflect and appreciate the hardships of those before us, with a renewed sense of gratitude. It also encourages us to ask the question, how do I affect change in my circle of influence, while being appreciative of the ability to do so?

Miasha Morris
tms’ Business Operations Supervisor and BOLD’s Treasury Chair

In Seattle, BOLD hosted a Juneteenth event with renowned chef Tracey MacRae, who performed a cooking demonstration at our office, making a delicious Watermelon Farro Salad and a Hibiscus shrub. Cooking is an extremely important part of all cultures, connecting us to past generations through tradition and nourishment. In 2002, Tracey was recruited by the University of Washington to contribute to the transformation of the culture of college food service. Her restaurant, Cultivate, has been recognized for its incredible food and on campus restaurant experience.