Celebrating Juneteenth and learning about its legacy


Our Employee Resource Group (ERG), Black Organization for Leadership & Development (BOLD), recently hosted a Juneteenth learning session with Chicago educator Hubert C. Jackson.

Hubert C. Jackson is a 35-year educator with Chicago Public Schools. Affectionately known as “Action Jackson”, he has an extensive and exciting inventory of accomplishments. During Mr. Jackson’s teaching career, he has won competitions with the Academic Olympics, he was featured twelve times in Who’s Who of American Teachers and led seven city-wide triumphs at the Black Heritage Bowl tournaments. Additionally, Mr. Jackson won four city titles in the Know Your Heritage competition and was twice awarded the “Coca-Cola Educator of the Year”.

During the discussion — which was hosted by Chivas Wilson, Senior Manager of Technology Enablement, and Kimberly Tate, Senior Supply Chain Business Analyst — Mr. Jackson covered the history leading up to Juneteenth, the holiday itself, and its current status in the US. Check out the facts and a highlight reel below for an explanation of Juneteenth’s legacy in Mr. Jackson’s words.

Did you know…

  • Though the Civil War ended two months earlier and the Emancipation Proclamation had been issued two years prior, slavery remained in effect in the South until federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas on June 19, 1865 and ensured all enslaved people were freed.
  • Juneteenth was first established and celebrated in Texas immediately in 1865 and continued in the years following, but it took much longer for the rest of the country to learn of it and also celebrate.
  • Texas was the first state to make Juneteenth an official holiday in 1979. It was only just made a national holiday on June 17, 2021.
  • Juneteenth is only the second federally recognized Black holiday, after Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January.

“One of my favorite things about participating in BOLD is the opportunity to enhance my own education, and to educate others. Listening to Mr. Jackson’s unique style of storytelling brings the characters of Juneteenth to life and leaves you wanting to know more about our nation’s history,” said Kimberly Tate.

As a follow up action, BOLD will be donating to an organization Mr. Jackson is passionate about, Carolyn’s Kids Foundation (CKF). CKF provides supplies, funding, and activities to students in grades Pre-K to 8 and hopes to enhance their academic, social and emotional growth.

And also in recognition of Juneteenth, HAVI and its business units, including tms (formerly The Marketing Store), will be closing their doors on Monday June 20th to provide time for employees to celebrate, learn, and activate.