Celebrating Black History Month with ABC Chicago’s Val Warner

Chip Joseph interviewing Val Warner at the BOLD event

In celebration of Black History Month, HAVI and tms’ Black Organization for Leadership & Development (BOLD) ERG hosted a fireside chat at our Chicago Headquarters with Emmy-Winning TV personality, Val Warner!  

Val is a renowned television reporter who has been in the industry since the 90s, most famously co-hosting the longstanding “Windy City Live” talk show and currently serving as a morning news anchor for ABC 7 Chicago. 

I feel like my platform is a way to help others who don’t have a following. If there’s a young black female entrepreneur, person of color, or anyone else who reaches out to me, I want to make sure I can uplift them and spread the word to help people get out there and show them they belong.

Val Warner
TV Personality and News Anchor

The engaging, lively, and thoughtful conversation, hosted by tms’ Chip Joseph, Senior Manager, Global Talent Acquisition, was centered around representation, belonging, and progress in leadership with respect to diversity.  

Throughout the discussion, Val and Chip touched on the importance of feeling a sense of belonging rather than trying to fit in. In other words, finding people that will support you for who you are, rather than having to conform into someone they find acceptable. 

Even at 50, I find myself asking: do I belong here? But then I remember what I tell my daughter, and if she belongs, then I belong. As people of color, I am so happy of the progress that has been made in terms of inclusivity, but the past trauma can inhibit us from thinking we are there, and that’s where the doubt about whether we belong creeps in. But yes, I do believe I belong.

Val Warner

Val also explained the power of confidence and self-expression in your professional career, explaining that not every opinion should be taken to heart or sway your own personal convictions and desires. The discussion rounded out with a brief Q&A where tms employees asked Val further questions regarding career advice and how to be a good ally in the workplace  

It was an amazing event, and my hope is that it was as inspiring to everyone who joined in-person or virtual as it was to me. It’s my goal to continue to authentically share my experiences, story, and journey to help others feel a stronger sense of belonging—and ultimately to inspire them to share their own stories as well.

Chip Joseph
Senior Manager, Global Talent Acquisition at tms

Hearing from a successful black woman like Val Warner was extremely eye-opening and inspiring, making the event a great way to celebrate Black History Month and champion black voices. Stay tuned for more upcoming BOLD events empowering black voices.