Built In features Leigh Anne Buttrick on being a woman in tech

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Senior Director, Tech Enablement Lead Leigh Anne Buttrick shared her career journey, passion for technology, and advice to other women in the tech space in Built In’s “Pursuing Passion, Not Practicality: How 14 Women in Tech Entered the Industry.”

Leigh Anne started in the adtech space and now manages technology transformation for tms’s category management and supply chain teams. In the article, she details the start of her time in tech — when her curiosity to understand how things work drove her to get involved in Agile work streams — and everything in between.

Read the full piece on Built In’s website.

While working at the adtech startup, I found myself so curious and asking, “How does this work?” I wanted to figure out how I could help fix some of my core operational challenges in managing advertisers. It was the first time I was exposed to technology and product teams, and I was eager to learn more…I became hooked on seeing how ideas turn into new ways of working.

Leigh Anne Buttrick
Senior Director, Tech Enablement Lead

Leigh Anne Buttrick

Leigh Anne is a problem-solving enthusiast driven by the ever-evolving digital landscape, constantly seeking innovative solutions that redefine that we interact with and harness the power of technology. In her time at tms she has played a pivotal role in mobile app launches, global games, developing operational process at scale and is currently optimizing how we use technology for supply chain management.

Leigh Anne lives in Chicago with her husband (Chad), son (Max) and dog (Louie).

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