Alexander DiSanti shares his workplace experience with Built In

Illuminated HAVI and tms logo at Chicago headquarters

tms Marketing Operations Supervisor, Alexander (Alex) DiSanti, shared his insights with Built In on what it is like to work at one of Chicago’s top companies.

Alex explained what differentiates working at tms to other organizations, as well as the impact his retail experience work for McDonald’s has had on consumers. He also highlighted the importance of a positive workplace culture to foster peer collaboration and creativity.

What truly intrigued me was tms’ role as a creative force behind McDonald’s projects. Given my previous experience at McDonald’s corporate, it was fascinating to be part of the creative engine. tms fosters a collaborative environment where diverse teams consistently craft innovative solutions.

Alex DiSanti
Supervisor of Marketing Operations

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Alexander (Alex) DiSanti

Alex is Supervisor of Marketing Operations at McDonald’s Retail, where he specializes in leveraging his extensive expertise in the McDonald’s business. His journey began in 2017 when he joined McDonald’s Corporate, and since then, he has embraced various roles encompassing marketing operations, digital, loyalty, brand & content. Throughout his career, Alex’s unwavering commitment to comprehending the McDonald’s customer remains at the forefront, driving his continuous pursuit of innovative strategies aimed at enhancing the experiences of both current and future consumers.

Beyond his professional achievements, Alex is a multifaceted individual who not only excels in consumer insights but also thrives in the realm of creativity, brand strategy, and engaging with the Gen Z and MC Youth demographics. However, he also treasures his life outside of work. Alex finds joy in building his small family, exploring new destinations through travel, maintaining a dedicated fitness routine, and cherishing quality moments with his loved ones.

Headshot of Alexander DiSanti