3 learnings from Creative Equals RISE 2022 Conference

RISE 2022 Stage

In May 2022, tms (formerly The Marketing Store) sent a handful of colleagues and I to Creative Equals’ RISE 2022 London event, a community-led conference for next-gen creative and marketing leaders aimed at clearing the path to leadership. A variety of speakers shared their perspectives on topics ranging from inclusive leadership to conscious advertising, challenging bias, and unlocking richer storytelling, to name a few.

RISE Conference

RISE 2022 offered an inspirational reminder that we are not doing enough to create an equal industry and an equal world. As communicators, we are responsible for shaping culture. We represent the voice of brands, and brands often shape the narrative in every teen’s head and the dreams of every child.

There is always more to be done, and through events like this we are exposed to views and networking that empowers us to make change.

Here are 3 key learnings from RISE 2022 that are inspiring us to make a difference:

1) Don’t design for human-centricity. Design for personas that include nature, animals, and insects.

Inclusivity is not just about being inclusive of humans. We need to design with nature in mind too. Design your products, environments, technologies, and stories around how they will impact animals, insects, and plants. Digital pollution cannot be seen, so don’t assume that your production is not causing harm.

2) Work should be judged on what it’s done, not what it’s won.

In order to create inclusive and diverse work, it needs to be crafted by diverse people. It’s not enough to rely on research panels to spot offensive ideas and executions — we need human experience and expertise to spark meaningful connections.

And when brands connect with audiences in an honest and unconditional way, people’s lives can truly be empowered, instead of taken advantage of for commercial reasons.

3) Be inspired by your soul, not your role.

Tell the story that matches who you are. Don’t let imposter syndrome keep you from being the leader you already are inside.