Britvic Robinson Be Natural

How do we increase sales of Robinsons ‘be Natural’ squash and highlight the product quality?


Reverse the sales decline for Robinsons ‘Be Natural’ juice.


We demonstrated the 'be Natural' proposition, a squash made from naturally sourced ingredients, by bringing nature to life for the whole
family. Endorsed by the RSPB, the idea was to 'Help give a million birds a home' by offering consumers the chance to get a free bird house with every purchase. The promotion appeared across numerous channels, including neck tags on 400,000 packs in store and an educational microsite ( Plus, there were targeted door drops providing MONP coupons, experiential sampling, a full trade engagement campaign and a tag on the TV spot.


101% sales increase over the promotional period - 81% above forecast

15,000 birdhouses redeemed

15,000 birdhouses redeemed

3 major promotional awards